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Anonymous asked, "Okay find a gamer troll YOU DONT KNOW and play any horror game they want."


That shou!dn’t be too hard!

==> Ask literally every troll you meet if they want to play a horror game with you until someone says yes.

»stare at the troll and drag him to your hive. Oculus Rift time!

Send me “Rumble” for my muses reaction to being caught in a thunderstorm with your muse


i wonder how many homestucks are reblogging for the irony

elementrolls asked, "♣ your choice"




»drop your DS with a squeak and try to look behind you.

☬ I have n☫thing g☫ing ☫n right n☫w s☫ let’s g☫! ☬

»you take his hand and drag him to your hive.

> follow happily, carrying the cookies with you. you did actually bring along your favorite tea and some cocoa mix with you so you are totally ready to hang out and game

»it doesn’t take you long to reach your hive. Cautiously you open the door not wanting to wake up your lusus if he’s hive.

☬ Here we are! Make y☫urself at hive! ☬


I don’t care if it’s not actually a “trigger” by definition, if I post something that has content you are uncomfortable with, let me know and I will tag that shit so fast because I think everyone has the right to have an enjoyable time on this website, end of story.

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This means unintentionally made link reblogs, an inability to use icons, and probably slowed response rates.

So long as spelling isn’t affected and they still make an attempt at punctuation, I am totally cool with that!


So I’m in a really punny mood.

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